HealPro Engineering designs, constructs and maintains Business parks.

Our team of Architects and Landscape Architects shines a positive spotlight on the facility and contributes to the economic growth of the community around it and not only aesthetics.

  • Landscape Design Increases Water Efficiency
  • Business Park Landscaping Presents a Clean, Crisp Image
  • Enhance Business Park Signage with Landscaping
  • Reduce Liability with Landscape Maintenance

Our team of designers ensure adequate visibility and safety of vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

Landscape design aims to enhance building designs and attractively screen parked vehicles and unsightly areas, soften the visual impact of structures and enhance views and vistas while confirming to the Pollution Control Board Norms.

We promote Resilient Landscapes-

  • To create a minimum carbon footprint design
  • Aims to establish a self-sustained complex
  • Water and energy our biggest resource challenge-show case usage of modern science to conserve and optimize these resources
  • Green spaces designed for permaculture, organic farming, biodiversity, medicinal parks

We expertly manage Landscape maintenance, Business Parks and keep them clear and clean for movement and aesthetics.

We undertake annual maintenance contracts for all the above or any part of the service.