Apartment Service

Apartment Maintenance

Housekeeping Service
  • We, at HealPro Engineering , provide comprehensive Housekeeping Services for apartments. Our disciplined housekeeping
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Sanitization Service
  • Sanitization is one more step towards safe, healthy and hygenic spaces. We provide a high-degree of sanitization at
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Pest Control Service
  • HealPro Engineering offers effective and durable pest control services that are performed by a group of experienced
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Soft Cleaning Services
  • We assume, Cleaning floors and dusting daily is not enough to keep the germs and viruses away from you. Microbes can be
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Technical Maintenance
  • We provide maintenance and repairs through our expert service professionals or the parent company, as required. Our
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Interior Services
  • Whenever you might notice something in the house that needs to get fixed or changed, we are just a call away for
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We design Monthly, Half Yearly or Annual contract for all the above or any part of the services