Commercial Service

Office Maintenance

Housekeeping Service
  • We, at HealPro Engineering , provide comprehensive Housekeeping Services for office spaces, Our disciplined housekeeping staff
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Sanitization Service
  • Sanitization is one more step towards safe, healthy and hygenic space. HealPro Engineering offers sanitization service for your
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Pest Control Service
  • HealPro Engineering offers effective and recommended pest control services for workstation areas, cabins, circulation areas, cafeterias,
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Robotic Duct Cleaning
  • HVAC is the integral part of any work space. During its usage, some contaminants enter and get accumulated. This causes blockage in
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Electrical Maintenance
  • Our Team of experts, skilled and experienced Electrical Consultants and site electricians are available for a complete thorough electrical analysis.
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Maintenance of Interiors
  • Timely maintenance is important to ensure that your office assets look great always. Our quick and effective maintenance services
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Maintenance of Furniture
  • Fabric protection seating or panels to repel dirt and stains , Spot removal and complete cleaning of fabric furniture panels and cleaning
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We design Monthly, Half Yearly or Annual contract for all the above or any part of the services