Robotic Duct Cleaning

Robotic Duct Cleaning

Robotic Duct Cleaning

HVAC is the integral part of any warehouse. During its usage, some contaminants enter and get accumulated. This causes blockage in the system and may include harmful bacteria, organisms, dead pests and insects like rats, lizards, insects, cockroaches etc. Other things including cob-webs, algae and fungi, pieces of paper, human hair, etc. also clog them over the time. So, it is highly recommended to have a duct cleaning-

To protect the body from germs and bacteria through the air system

To avoid any noxious odour

To maintain/sustain the performance of HVAC

To avoid technical snags and fail of HVAC

We, at HealPro Engineering, offer innovative robotic duct cleaning that helps the technicians to inspect the interior condition of the duct and take appropriate actions to clean the ductwork. We use the most appropriate Robots for the process.

All these duct cleaning robots are fitted with an advanced controller mechanism, and a high-resolution camera to record the entire cleaning process for you to see later.